Monday, 18 May 2009

Terminator Salvation on Twitter

Farai at work just sent round this little beauty from Terminator Salvation who have have done a clever thing using Twitter.

It's called Resistance 2018.

It's works as follows:
1. The Resistance (good guys) are intercepting Skynet (baddies)
communications, but they can only get garbled messages.

2. You join the Resistance (sign up on Blog and follow them on Twitter)

3. They send you a garbled message (Tweet) that they intercepted.

4. You must ungarble the message and reply (Twitter or blog) within 2 hours.
(Success => Points => Higher chances of promotion in the Resistance Army)

5. Repeat and Go to Step 3.

The website for the game could do better to support the game, a blog isn't the right way to go.

Apart from that it shows some good thinking around real world gaming.

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Portable Photographer Experiment

Richard is running an interesting little experiment round our offices with a competition to submit interesting photo's - they can be of absolutely anything you like but - they have to have been taken on anything but a camera. so a web cam, mobile phone, etc but not a conventional camera.

WTF this has to be the weirdest toothpaste ad ever

Just because it is Friday

80's Computer Nostalgia

I just complained because the new game we have just developed for Drench took about 5 seconds to load on the website. Then Deep reminded me of how long we used to wait for our kicks back in the 80's. I go nostalgic for those old sounds of computer games loading on tape machines and found this. If oyu are old like me you will remember it.

At the time I hated the sound but hearing it again was quite nice - for about 5 seconds anyway. Got to love the guy doing his impression of a dial up modem.

Awesome Music Video

Got to admire this video on several fronts. Essentially very cheap to make. Very brave girls. Very funny watching the public's reaction. Very few Gaelic shrugs to be seen and quite a lot of jaws dropping and eyes bulging.

Most of all though a very effective and very efficient way of distributing your content very quickly. I expect this to go around the web like wild fire - I wonder if it will translate in to sales or fame for the artist, the song, the street or the girls?

Make The Girl Dance "Baby Baby Baby" ( official video )
by placeblancherec

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rackspace Customer Service Win

Just to follow up on last weeks post about the excellent Bunny Boiler mailer Rackspace sent us. Well no sooner had we made our tongue in cheek joke about boiling Barry up, then they were on the phone with the quote, and a damn good excuse why they hadn't sent it, bad timing.

It's refreshing to see a company that does in fact care, and when they get some feedback from customers, act on it pretty damn quickly - nice one Barry.

Just goes to show if you really mean you are obsessed customer service when things go awry its not what you say but what you do that counts. So if you act on it, rectify it, and explain it, people come out the back of it thinking even more positively about you than before.

Things do go wrong for everyone, but it really is a case that 'It's not what goes wrong but how you deal with things when they do go wrong that people remember you for'

I now remember Rackspace for sorting it out. Thanks guys, I look forward to the next mailer I hope it doesn't have an effigy of me in it ;-)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Play Dodgeball Online but in the real world

Following on from the success of campaigns like Foster's Scuba and the 'The Nokia Unloader'

Sky have launched a promotional site for 'Dodgeball live' sponsored by Doritos.

In essence users register and can control one of several high powered Cannon's against real teams.

At the moment its all practice but consumers can register up and hone their skills. also if you are a masochist you can apply to go in front of the cannons.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Great Expectations - Rackspace

Richard got this Fedex'd over to our building yesterday, and we just loved it

Inside we found this, the writing says ' If fatal attraction disturbed you get someone else to open this for you'

Then this - a bunny, a recipe for Rabbit Stew and a direct mail piece explaining Rackspace's obsession with customer service - all in rather splendid.

and this

I guess the only problem is we've been waiting for Barry at Rackspace to get us the quote he promised would be with us on Thursday (yesterday) and it's still not here.

When you set up a great expectation and promise and tell your existing customers how good you are you best be sure to deliver on it. So come on Barry give us a ring and send over the quote or we will come round and cook you in the stew ;-)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


And clearly so does the person responsible for this site which allows you to get absolutely awesome and beautiful views of NY.

Courtesy of adverblog

New Virgin TV Ads

Here are the two new Virgin Trains ads they go live on TV tonight and even feature a cameo from Sir Richard himself.

Keep your eyes peeled, and enjoy they are fun.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Honda Plant Bingo

Play plant bingo online. Honda has a webcam
pointing at 24 real plants
. Choose five, if they
bloom first, win £5,000 for an eco-friendly
holiday and £5,000 for charity of your choice: