Sunday, 29 March 2009

Microsoft History of the Internet Video

This video for Microsoft is as good as it is unexpected.

Friday, 20 March 2009

We've spotted a problem with Spotify

We are big fans of Spotify but our studio manager sent this note round two days ago that means they might have to re-think a few things like which port they use.

Dear all

RE Spotify

So if you are running this program then please shut it down.

It runs on the same bandwidth that we use to upload and download artwork to
our FTP and external printers - it slowing us down massively to the point
that artwork is not being able to get up/downloaded which means your artwork
won't get printed.

Please don't use it during working hours.

It not a massive problem but something people like IM and other internet services have all experienced. Just change the port they are using as quite a lot of businesses use the same ports for the same tasks.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Crude BUT ruthlessley efficient

That is probably the nicest words to explain not only their latest online acquisition campaign but also the overall Travelzoo house style. So I guess the basic prize draw bribe they are using, to get existing customers to supply two new names in return for entry to a prize draw, is a winner in more ways than one.

It's incredibly simple, fast and efficient. It's no fuss no bother much like the brand, and at least three people have sent it to me today already so its working.

I always struggle sometimes to get over the desire to do something nice but is the guy who creates the shaky you have won a million pounds banner better at DR than me?

Holly Mackerel Batman, your faster than a speeding bus!

Just got sent this from James and it made me laugh - sometimes the low tech solution is even better than the hi tech.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Nice URL

Someone at the Telegraph has let their politics creep in to their url nomencalture

Got to love it, that is what I call honest journalism!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Mobile Experiment

I met John from PHD for a meeting several weeks back and took a look at his blog its a good one. A few weeks ago he mentioned an experiment he was going to do for a piece in Marketing - to see if he can live and do his work using only a mobile phone and no computer or pda for 48 hours.

It should be a really interesting experience - seems John is concerned about his ability to use and create documents in word, .ppt, and excel on the phone but I'm pretty confident he will manage - necessity is the great innovator so I expect he will find a gadget or widget that does something that makes this easy. Anyway might be worth trying yourself sometime to see how hard or easy it is.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Killed Ideas

Brilliant, we've got loads, I expect you have too. The question is are any of us brave enough to upload to this - Killed Ideas

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Awesome Typography video

This is awesome if you like typography

Flickermood 2.0 from Sebastian Lange on Vimeo.

courtesy of the excellent Shape + Colour

Twitter Again

I don't like twitter that much and have not used it but I did spend a good few minutes looking at this piece of genius someone has made an app - called the twitter fall where you can view live the chatter on any subject or keyword you like.

If you run a brand, work for a particular company or client, its worth putting in your company or clients name in and just watching it for a few minutes - real live reputation stuff - now if you are really confident you publish this on your site letting your visitors see what everyone is talking about real time - good if you are the owner of kindle or the distributor of Watchmen but not so hot if you are RBS or Fred the shred.

Projectors, Webcams, Mobile Phones and AR

Richard and I have been getting quite excited recently about how 3 separate technological advancements might allow us to do some really special work with clients and their brands.

1. The improvement of Projectors:
People have been projecting for years but things have moved on since the days of Gail Porter's majestic backside appearing on the HoP or Ministry of Sound projecting on Buckingham Palace.

Take a look at this video showing of some very nice work that has animations and is worked up in a 3d effect taking in the exact proportions of the building and using the features and columns accordingly to simulate depth.

Very Nice.

2. The rise of the web cam and AR:

Our friends at Special Moves did a lot for AR and 3d / paper vision stuff with their fab Christmas Card.

And there have been some fabulous application of the technology such as this use of a product box at a toy fair.

The possibilities seem endless although its easy to get carried away and you have to ask who will do this. I think its right for brands centered on or associated with passion centers, where a fan base has been created or can be created, or something particularly involved or complicated - the lego example is a good one for this.

3. Mobile and GPS:

Lastly, the rise in and increasing sophistication of mobile devices culminating of course with the iPhone (but many others too), and more people using gps location in an interesting way means mobile technology is something to really take in to consideration - see the link to the ING application here which is an excellent use of GPS.

When you combine some of these developments the space gets very very interesting look at some of these

Admittedly they are a bit clunky but if we all start applying them to great content opportunities or passion centers there are some interesting ways in which interaction and engagement can really be brought on leaps and bounds.

However, the game gets really interesting when things like this become common place. This is The Samsung 17410 and it has a built in projector with the phone - imagine the next iPhone with this functionality and we can get really excited.

Skittles Virtual Site

There has been a lot of noise recently about Skittles latest online foray. Rather than create a traditional web site, Skittles have turned their web presence in to a virtual site. It is a great idea and although they are'nt the first people to do this they are one of the first big brands to embrace the concept. Their advertising is located on You Tube, their news and pr on twitter, their fans on facebook etc.

Not only is it cheap as the site is just the portable navigation panel on the top left that follows you about the web, its also very of the moment and shows an understanding of the way people are behaving right now. Shame about the heavy handed legal disclaimer on the big box talking about responsibilities for other people's content. Oh well that is the corporate beast Masterfoods at work at least they are doing it.